From my sketch books


From my sketch books

Here's a selection of various subjects from my many sketch books.

Over the course of many years, I've filled dozens of sketch books and I very seldom travel any place without one. I view these drawings as rather personal visual "notes' to myself akin to writing a journal or a diary. These are recordings of places visited and places that are dear to my heart. Some of these sketches are later used and become the genesis for more developed paintings. But no matter what purpose I use these for; in the end I just find pure joy in drawing anything that I feel is interesting.

"West Side Cow, Otisco Lake" - Ball point pen

"Mallard at Webster's Pond" - Pencil & Watercolor

"After the Labor Day Storm of '98" - Pencil & Watercolor

"Dinosaur Skeleton at the Peabody Museum-New Haven" - Pencil

"Old North side buildings" - Pencil

"Nine Mile Creek, Marcellus Falls" - Pencil & watercolor

"At Webster's Pond" - Pencil & Watercolor

"Tug boat at Oswego Harbor" - Pencil
"Cedar Trees at Clark's Reservation" - Pen & Ink "Cedar Trees Redeux" - Pencil & Watercolor
West side cows, Otisco Lake - Pencil and watercolor study Geese studies at Webster Pond - Pen & Ink
Abandoned North side Factory - Oil pastel West side buidings on the Oswego Canal - Pencil
Selkirk State Park store - Pen & Ink Otisco Lake, East Side View from the park. 2013 Oil on Panel
Bridge over the feeder canal, Erie Canal, Camillus, NY "Nate watching TV" - Pencil "Kevin playing scrabble" - Pencil
"Skeleton Studies" - Pencil "Trees on the causeway - Otisco Lake" - Pen & Ink
"Old Barn Near Otisco Lake" - Pencil The waterfall at Thorden Park" - Pencil
"Geese Studies" - Pen & Ink "After the accident- self portrait" - Pencil
"Inside the breakwater-Oswego Harbor" - Pencil & watercolor "County Court House study" - Pencil
"Center for the Arts, East Genesee St." -Pencil "Thistle study" - Pencil
Barn on Rt 80 - Pencil